During implementation of the project, “Informal School Leader” out team has met the challenge how to define and select project participants as well what schools to involve into the project. Together we defined 19 regular schools and one boarding school. All of them are in the City of Chernihiv. We have united the schools into four sectors (neighborhoods) according to their location.

First of all we were looking for adolescents aged 13-14 years, who have good communicative and organizing qualities; although they would use those skills for risky behavior.

To define our target audience we used methods such as:
  • Methodology on defining type of personality in conflict situation
  • Victimization of peers (I. Furmanov)
  • Sociometry of John Moreno
  • Questionnaire on communicative and organizing skills
Altogether took part in the survey:
973 eighth-graders (13-14 years)
Oleh Halepa - Psychologist of the project, “Informal School Leader”

Among survey results are:

30have high level of communicative skills
19have high level of organizing skills
31tend for rivalry
30ready for cooperation;
20feel consequences of peer misbehavior
17tend for risky behavior
Having defined students who are inclined to risky behavior and considering communicative and organizing skills, we managed to form four groups of students who participate in the project, “Informal School Leader”