October 20, 2020

Gratitude from Koriukivka School #1

Koriukivka School #1 expresses its gratitude for the pleasant supplement for work with children in implementing the prevention program, “Choice-8”. The project, “Effective Prevention” is supported by the USA Embassy in Ukraine.

October 12, 2020

Feedback on the online course

In the frames of the online course for teaching prevention trainers a feedback from the “User 24” has just been received: “The material is essential. I like the content of each module. The tasks are interesting and affordable. And the most important you can fulfill them at any time convenient for you…” The project is […]

October 9, 2020

Meet the Team from Artsyz

Meet the trainers in the town of Artsyz, Odesa Region. Svitlana is the psychologist for the local school #5.  Lilia is a juvenile prevention officer for the local police department. Both of them are participating in the project, “Effective Prevention”. Cooperation between education and law-enforcement institutes in preventing risky behavior among children is expected to […]

October 8, 2020

Online course is launched

Online teaching of prevention trainers has just been launched in the frames of the project, “Effective Prevention”. Tetiana Munt’ian, the head of Bilhorod Dnistrovskyi district education department, has become a pioneer of the online course. She personally learned 15 course sessions and successfully passed three tests. Her experience in the education sphere helped to underline […]

September 25, 2020

Effective Prevention in Artsyz and Bilhorod Dnistrovskyi

24 September 2020: Odesa Region, Ukraine The Odesa public organization, “Faith. Hope. Love.” in cooperation with Odesa Region Juvenile Prevention Police Department and the “Prevention Center, “Choice” arranged working meetings in Bilhorod Dnistrovksyi and Artsyz. The theme of the meetings was “Prevention Risky Behavior among Children. Local authority, police and education representatives took part in […]

September 22, 2020

Koriukivka at the Start

Koriukivka community has been taking part in the project, “Effective Prevention” that includes online teaching of prevention trainers and conducting prevention program, “Choice-8” for 300 eighth-graders in five district towns of Ukraine. Alla is a practical psychologist for a local school and Yaroslava represents juvenile prevention police. They are going to work together as trainers. […]

September 11, 2020

Meeting in Koriukivka

10 September 2020: Town of Koriukivka, Ukraine The project, “Effective Prevention” is being conducted in five towns: Artsyz and Bilhorod Dnistrovskyi (Odesa Region), Kramatorsk and Sloviansk (Donetsk Region) as well Koriukivka (Chernihiv Region). Meeting of project stakeholders in Koriukivka included local trainers, and representatives from education, law-enforcement and civil sectors. The Head of the District […]

September 3, 2020

The Chair of Social Work

02 September 2020: City of Chernihiv On behalf of the City Mayor, Vladyslav Atroshenko, the senior lecturer of the National University “Chernihiv Kolegium” Lina Makhotkina was awarded with the Certificate of Gratitude for her efforts in prevention risky behavior among children. Lina is a devoted member of the Prevention Center, “Choice”. Together with her colleagues […]

August 23, 2020

Meet the Leaders of the Center

The mission of the Prevention Center “Choice” is uniting people of good will in meeting the challenge of risky behavior among children. Since the day of its founding the Center has been relying on support from the National University, “Chenihivskyi Kolegium” named after Taras Shevchenko. The project, “Effective Prevention” has a tremendous support from the […]

August 11, 2020

Manual for Trainers

On 09 August of 2020 in the frames of the project, “Effective Prevention” that is supported by the USA Embassy in Ukraine, a manual for trainers, “Program “Choice”, was published in the Publishing House, “Desna Polygraph”. The book will be used for implementing prevention in three regions of Ukraine. The authors of the book are […]