January 25, 2022

Preparation for CHOICE-5 in Izmail

To measure effectiveness of a program on prevention risky behavior, Iryna – a social pedagogue and Anastasia, a school psychologist, on January 24 conducted preliminary survey in two fifth-grade classes of Izmail School #14. The students responded ten questions of an electronic form developed by Yale University. All children received handbooks, “Choice-5”, and safety manuals […]

January 24, 2022

CHOICE-5 in Kramatorsk

Tetiana, the school psychologist, conducted the first session, “Responsible Choice”, of the prevention program, CHOICE-5 in two fifth-grade classes of the Kramatorsk School #26, Donetsk Region. In the beginning the students took part in the preliminary survey, arranged by the Kyiv Institute on Public Health Policy according to a technology from Yale University. The children […]

January 21, 2022

CHOICE-5 in Krasna Kosa

Trainers Iryna, the social pedagogue, and Daria, a class teacher, conducted the first session of the CHOICE-5 for fifth-graders of the local school. The feedback from Iryna, «We were forming understanding of children of relationship between choice and its consequences. The students with great pleasure took part in all activities. Especially they liked the game, […]

January 20, 2022

Preliminary Survey

On January 20, 2022 the team, Artsyz-5 conducted among fifth-graders a preliminary survey. Three classed were randomly designated for groups of intervention, control and monitoring. The survey was based on a Yale University technology. The research, monitoring and evaluation within the project, “Evidence based prevention for children of Ukraine” is being performed by the Institute […]

January 14, 2022

Yaroslava – a CHOICE-5 Trainer

Yaroslava is a juvenile prevention officer of Koriukivka Police Department, Chernihiv Region. She decided to become a prevention trainer to effectively conduct crime and drug abuse prevention among children. In the previous academic year Yaroslava was taking part in the project, “Effective Prevention”, where eight-graders, 13-14 years old, were the target audience. That project and […]

January 13, 2022

Start of the CHOICE-5 in Kamianets Podilskyi

Trainers Oksana Bohomolova and Mykola Servetnyk on January 13, 2022 conducted for fifth-graders the first session, Responsible Choice, of the prevention program, CHOICE-5 at school #7 of the City of Kamianets Podilskyi. Before that they successfully learned a three months online course for prevention trainers. The students took part in a preliminary survey that is […]

January 12, 2022

Literature and Stationery for Teams

Prevention Center in cooperation with National University “Chernihiv Kolehium” have prepared publications for children and trainers taking part in the project, “Evidence based prevention for children of Ukraine”: Effective Prevention: Program CHOICE: manual for trainers on risky behavior prevention among children; CHOICE-5: Risky Behavior Prevention – handbook for fifth-graders; Safety Manual – guidebook for children; […]

January 6, 2022

Anastasia – a CHOICE-5 Trainer

Anastasia is a practical psychologist for the Izmail School #14. She decided to become a trainer for the prevention program, CHOICE-5, because, “Trainer is a key person, a lighthouse whose light helps to choose a right way in life space. My goal is to assist children with achieving success in their way to harmony and […]

January 5, 2022

Webinar #3 – “Arranging Prevention”

On 05 January 2022 the team of the project, “Evidence Based Prevention for Children of Ukraine” conducted the third webinar within the online course. The theme of the event was “Arranging Prevention”. Twenty specialists took part in the event. They had prepared thematic presentations and delivered them for the audience. A research issue was presented […]

January 3, 2022

Katerina – CHOICE-5 Trainer

Katerina is the social teacher for the Izmail School #16.  Her professional motto is, “The only way to do prominent work is to love what you do!” She decided to become a CHOICE-5 trainer to increase motivation of students for a healthy life stile while teaching them to make a right, responsible choice in difficult […]