About the project

Dear Friends! We invite you to the web site of the project, “Informal School Leader”. This project has been developed to define informal leaders among eighth-graders (13-14 years old) and train them basic skills on managing people as well projects, solving conflicts and other skills that are important for real leaders.

Informal leader

Those are people, who may influence their classmates independently of official positions they have. According to the Project the participants will be united into groups of 3-4 people and will receive up to $400 each of 12 groups for implementing their mini projects. They will be assisted by management specialists. The Project will last since October till April 2019.

Our goal

Our strategic goal is development of effective instrument of indicative prevention of risky behavior among adolescents and spreading project results in Ukraine and beyond. We will have more chances to succeed if you help us through communication and cooperation.

Latest News

May 20, 2019
Space of Freedom

The informal leaders from Chernihiv School #20 have been actively using their micro project for benefits of their school. On the Day of Embroidered Shirt the leaders introduced relevant cultural  info for the school community....