About the project

Dear Friends! You are welcome to visit the website of the project, “Effective Prevention”. You will learn information on realization of the initiative on developing and testing an online course for trainers of risky behavior prevention among school students. 300 eighth-graders from five district centers of Ukraine are the target audience of the project. The authors of the Project are Valeriy Ryabukha and Nikita Sadov.

Project Geography

The project is being realized in three regions of Ukraine, specifically in the towns of Kramatorsk and Sloviansk (Donetsk Region), Artzyz and Bilhorod Dnistrovskyi (Odesa Region) and Koriukivka (Chernihiv Region) as well in the village of Krasna Kosa, Odesa Region. Results of the Project will be distributed within Ukraine and beyond through conferences on prevention risky behavior.

Our goal

Our strategic goal is developing an online course for trainers on prevention risky behavior among children. Afterwards the course will be used for training in Ukraine and beyond. We will have more chances to succeed in our initiative if you help us. Professional sharing and communication will be of great use to understand what should be done and how.

Latest News

June 11, 2021
Workshop for the team of the project “Effective Prevention”

09-11, June, 2021: City of Chernihiv. The Prevention Center “Choice” conducted a workshop for participants of the project, “Effective Prevention”. Trainers from Artsyz, Bilhorod and Krasna Kosa (Odesa Region), Kramatorsk and Sloviansk (Donetsk Region) as well Koriukivka (Chernihiv Region) took part in the event. They were analyzing results of the project and setting recommendations for […]...