December 23, 2021

Olha – a CHOICE-5 Trainer in Izmail

Olha is a psychologist for the Ukrainian Lyceum named after Taras Shevchenko in the City of Izmail. Her life motto is: “Fortune and success come only to one who strives for them, who can use the best of his/her own resources. Do not wait for other people to discover you but discover yourself and say to yourself, “I want, I can, I will do”. Happiness and success are in your own hands”.

Her professional faith is: “The person in front of you is the most important person in the world. You have to accept him/her and understand. Everything I know and can do is for those I work with”.

Olha decided to become the CHOICE-5 trainer to help children to make important decisions for benefits of their own future.

The project, “Evidence Based Prevention for Children of Ukraine” is being implemented by the #Prevention_Center_CHOICE and supported by the Institute of International Education, the USA.