September 11, 2020

Meeting in Koriukivka

10 September 2020: Town of Koriukivka, Ukraine

The project, “Effective Prevention” is being conducted in five towns: Artsyz and Bilhorod Dnistrovskyi (Odesa Region), Kramatorsk and Sloviansk (Donetsk Region) as well Koriukivka (Chernihiv Region). Meeting of project stakeholders in Koriukivka included local trainers, and representatives from education, law-enforcement and civil sectors. The Head of the District State Administration, Volodymyr Poluben’, took active part in the event as well.

The participants discussed specifics of implementation of the Project. Their common decision was:

  1. To support the Project in Koriukinka.
  2. After conducting the Project to set recommendations on further prevention initiatives.

The Project is supported by the USA Embassy in Ukraine.