January 12, 2022

Literature and Stationery for Teams

Prevention Center in cooperation with National University “Chernihiv Kolehium” have prepared publications for children and trainers taking part in the project, “Evidence based prevention for children of Ukraine”:

  • Effective Prevention: Program CHOICE: manual for trainers on risky behavior prevention among children;
  • CHOICE-5: Risky Behavior Prevention – handbook for fifth-graders;
  • Safety Manual – guidebook for children;
  • Certificates of Graduation.

The pointed literature and stationery for conducting CHOICE-5 sessions have been recently sent to 14 school representing Donetsk, Odesa, Khmelnytskyi and Chernihiv Regions. Today the presents were received by the team, “Artsyz-5” that is led by Svitlana Hrekova, the School-5 psychologist.

The project, “Evidence Based Prevention for Children of Ukraine” is being implemented by the #Prevention_Center_CHOICE and supported by the Institute of International Education, the USA.