November 13, 2021

Karolina – CHOICE-5 Trainer in the Town of Koriukivka

Karolina is a ninth-grader at Koriukivka School #1. In the previous academic year she was taking part, as a student, in the prevention program, CHOICE-8. Karolina understands importance of prevention. That is why she is eager to become a prevention trainer for younger children, “My aim is to learn and to teach other children to perceive that crime and substance abuse are not only harmful but dangerous. We have to persuade children that we can live healthy life and refuse from harmful stuff”.

Currently Karolina has been taking part in the online course for teaching prevention trainers. She will be conducting CHOICE-5 together with Angelina, her classmate, under mentorship from Alla, the school psychologist, and Yaroslava, a juvenile prevention police inspector.

The project, “Evidence Based Prevention for Children of Ukraine” is being implemented by the #Prevention_Center_CHOICE and supported by the Institute of International Education, the USA.