April 21, 2021

Effective Prevention

20, April, 2021: Ukraine

The staff of the “Effective Prevention” project carried out a Zoom meeting on analyzing conducted CHOICE-8 sessions and discussing coming project events. The teams from Artsyz, Bilhorod, Kramatorsk, Sloviansk, Koriukivka and Krasna Kosa shared presentations on their experience and learned other teams’ experiences.

Victoria, a trainer from Sloviansk,  said, “Effective Prevention” is one of the projects that have been implemented at School #5 of the City of Sloviansk. There were other projects aiming prevention of risky behavior and violence. But this project was really the effective one.

First of all, that was a nice idea to create a team of trainers including an educator and a law-enforcement officer. Each of us is competent in his or her area of activity. Thanks to that the eighth-graders receive 100% of truthful information…”.

The project, “Effective Prevention” is supported by the USA Embassy in Ukraine.