May 8, 2023

Ecologo-patriotic project in Krasna Kosa

The students of the Krasnokosyanska Gymnasium shared a common desire to save their homeland from an ecological disaster.  The participants of the project are boys and girls who care about the surrounding natural environment, will investigate environmental problems and believe that they can make our village beautiful.  During the preparation for the project activity, groups were created, each of which will perform certain tasks:

– cleaning of the territory near the gymnasium, the estuary and the territory of the village;

– participation in various promotions and photo contests;

– green spaces on the territory of the gymnasium and outside its boundaries;

The goal is to deepen students’ knowledge about the multifaceted nature and value of nature, to develop a thrifty attitude. To cultivate love for the native land, the desire to protect and increase the wealth of nature.

The project, “Evidence Based Prevention for Children of Ukraine” is being implemented by the #Prevention_Center_CHOICE and supported by the Institute of International Education, the USA.