November 11, 2021

Anhelina – CHOICE-5 Trainer in the Town of Koriukivka

Anhelina is a ninth-grader at Koriukivka School #1, Chernihiv Region. In the previous academic year she benefited of the prevention program, CHOICE-8 as a student. This year Anhelina has been learning the online course for prevention trainers. She aims to develop prevention skills and help a younger generation to be free from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
Anhelina and Karolina together will be conducting CHOICE-5 lessons for fifth-graders in two classes under mentorship of experienced trainers: Alla, the school psychologist, and Yaroslava, a Juvenile Prevention Police Inspector.
The project, “Evidence Based Prevention for Children of Ukraine” is being implemented by the #Prevention_Center_CHOICE and supported by the Institute of International Education, the USA.